More Than a Million released 01.05.21!

I have put a lot of thought into this new album project and I am honored to share some of my thoughts behind my music with you. There have been a lot of things burdening my heart that have influenced my writing...some of it has been due to suicides, depression and covid-19. With this in mind, I wrote songs to uplift, inspire and bring joy to people!

My purpose and prayer is that these songs would speak to those who have lost hope and need to hear what God says about them. The production of this album is more pop and is filled with uplifting messages that speak of hope and identity!

Released on February 20, 2020, Love Will Never End (Reimagined) is a re-creation of Eleni's previous album from the ground up. Reproduced with more pop tones and retro vibes, this upbeat take on her music brings a new experience to her depth-filled lyrics and beautiful melodies. This EP features songs including Conquered, Fill Me, and a few more.

Here is a word from Eleni about this project, "There are moments in life where we have to grow and be refined. But in the midst of that process, God still wants us to celebrate and be joyful. My hope is that this EP reflects both of those truths."

Christian worship artist Eleni Baker released her brand new album titled Love Will Never End on September 19, 2019. Full of powerful anthems and intimate heart-touching moments, these songs will lead you into deep worship encounters with God.

The purpose behind this album was to encompass the truth that God is love, and His love for us never ends. No matter where we are in life, His love is reaching and calling. Eleni hopes that your life will be changed through her music as you engage with Heaven and worship Jesus, our King and Savior!



Eleni Baker is an independent Christian artist who currently lives in Omaha, NE. Originally born in Albania, she moved to the states when she was 12. Her love of worship and pop music started at a very young age, and continued to grow as she began to discover her calling as an artist.

Her vocal talents are second to her incredible heart for worshiping God and leading others to do so. Eleni’s story is rich with the Spirit of God moving to make her who she is today - an artist who points people to Christ. Her passion for lyrics and musical moments inside her songs are apparent as you listen to them.

Eleni has recorded and released two studio albums: Love Will Never End and More Than A Million along with a few stand alone singles. Today, she is regularly involved with worship at her local church and other special events. The passion behind Eleni’s music is simple; to release the revelation of God’s love and nature, and to see others walk in wholeness.